Pickup & Delivery

What is this?

We are considering a program that offers a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to be delivered to your door or ordered ahead for pickup at our farm market. If you are interested in this, please subscribe to the list and we will notify you when this is available.

P.S. The more interest we get will help us decide!

1. Shop On Our Website

  1. Select Item
  2. Choose Size
  3. Choose Variety
  4. Add to Cart

2. Schedule the Order

  1. Choose Pickup or Delivery
  2. Select Day
  3. Choose Time

3. Secure Payment

  1. Pay Online or In-Store (Pickup)
  2. Pay Online (Delivery)
  3. Receive Receipt

4. Pickup or Delivery

  1. Receive notification
  2. Stop in for Items (Pickup)
  3. Find Items on Doorstep (Delivery)

Be the first to know what comes into season!

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